Tax Reforms, Demonitization and Cashless Economy: A Strategy For Economic Development of India
Rajib Mallik and Sukanta Sarkar
  • ISBN : 9789386397997
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The present book is a compilation of 14 scholarly articles which are representative in Dalit literary theory and practice. All the articles in the book are meant for the beginning scholars as well as the teachers in the area of Dalit literature in general and Dalit Novel in particular. The articles deal with the caste discrimination, gender dominance, oppression, poverty, denial of education, power politics, inequality, subjugation etc. The book exclusively focuses on Dalit novel and it showcases the variety of writers from different states of India and how they have represented their feelings as a Dalit within the Dalit community and outside the Dalit community. The book mainly focuses on the novels available in English translation. The Dalit novel remains a messenger and instrument for taking ahead the ideology of the Dalits from one to the rest of their communities. Going through the book we could understand that the Dalit novel depicts how the Dalits, with collective consciousness and self-assertion, rebel and turn their wheel of life from the stage of downtrodden to the stage of self-respect.