Take Off or Crash Landing: Assessing the Challenges before Indian Economy
Edited by Mala Sharma, Sonal Bhatt and Satyajeet S Deshpande
  • ISBN : 9789389824117
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This book is a comprehensive collection of all the issues and challenges country is facing today, The book has touched almost all sectors of the economy namely primary, secondary and tertiary sector. In particular the book has focussed on Structural imbalance of the economy Social infrastructure of the economy Recent development in the economy Policy issues of the economy The very purpose of the editors of this book is to designall the chapters in such a manner soas to enlighten thereadersto get an in-depth acquaintance of all the relevant economic issues, the country is facing currently. The topic Take off or Crash Landing? - Assessing the Challenges before Indian Economy discusses the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats before Indian economy. .PART -1Take off -These are the topics talking about the strengths and opportunities the country possesses. India being a fast growing economy and country of young peoplehas an edge over other economies. The following topics are discussed under this section Women’s work participation in India: Trends, status and strategies for the future The “New Service sector” Opportunities Galore Energy Stress and energy security in India India and sustainable development Goals The Great Indian middle class :our growth engine Electronic transaction :Experience of consumers and traders E-payments revolution in India: A myth or a reality PART-2Crash Landing-Crash landing are the problems the country is facing from years or some policy Issues or structural imbalances. The following topics are discussed under this section Farmers Distress in India : Some apprehensions and submissions AgrarianDistress and agriculture supply chain : Evidence from Odisha,India Agriculture Finance and development in India Unemployment :An opportunity lost for India Human Development Indicators and India Riverine pollution in India: a legal perspective RERA and the middle class Indian consumer Private Aviation sector in India : The disease and the remedy Privatisation in Higher education: Prospects and problems Reservation for socially weaker sections :Discourse or weather it requires review NITI Aayog - Planning commission : Old wine in New Bottle We hope that this book will give insight to all readers and the discussion and arguments raisedin above topics will strengthen their understanding on the above topics.