Tagore and Japan Dialogue, Exchange and Encounter
Pratyay Banerjee and Anindya Kundu
  • ISBN : 9789382059264
  • year : 2016
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Tagorem one of the widely travelled persons of his time, visited Japan five times. He was fascinated by Japanese tradition, intuitive happiness, human relations and their sensitive attitude towards beauty. At the same time, he did not hesitate to denounce the rise of "Western nationalism" in Japan. The impact of the materialistic civilization of the of the West on Japan disturbed the poet. This book is a compilation of papers presented at an international seminar on Tagore's Japanese connection, entitled, "Tagore and Japan: A Retrospection", Jointly organised by Sakura Academy and the school of Languages, Jadavpur University. The seminar was held in 2011, the year which witnessed commemoration of the bard's 150th birth anniversary all over the country. The Papers include different aspects of the Tagore-Japan relationship. The Book may provide the reader a greater understanding of the historical and cultural relationship between the two countries, especially in aesthetic and spiritual affinities on the one hand and the poet's critical evaluation of Japanese politics on the order.