Sweethearts of the World
Anna Mathew Vadayatt and Austin Bobby Vadayatt
  • ISBN : 9789354724633
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
$ 78.00
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Sweethearts OF THE WORLD is a Global Cake Collaboration celebrating over 70 stalwarts and artists who are looked upon as the epitome of their profession. This book is a tribute to Edible Art and a glimpse into the minds of the incredible artists behind these sweet wearable pieces of Designer Art. About the Author: ANNA & AUSTIN VADAYATT Anna’s life has taken her passion for art in the direction of Cake Designing. ‘Cake Canvas – happiness in a box is a cake design studio conceived by the immensely talented Anna who is forever pushing the boundaries of cake art to greater heights through themes and ideas that inspire her. Austin Vadayatt is a writer at heart, his mind is a whirlwind of untold stories that are waiting to be penned. His innate flair for language is entrenched in every line in this book. This is going to be the first published work for both of them. website: www.cakecanvas.in www.sweetheartsoftheworld.