Dr Nibedita Priyadarshani
  • ISBN : '9789388854528
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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‘Sustainable Development and Education' book is useful for teacher and students of M.Phil (Education), M.A (Education), M.Ed and B.Ed courses conducted in all Indian universities. This book provides reference material for students, teachers, principals, administrators, researchers and curriculum developers serving in colleges and universities. This book comprises of sustainable development, education and sustainable development, skill and sustainable development, psychology and sustainable development, values and sustainable development, environment and sustainable development, economics and sustainable development, sociology and sustainable development, politics and international studies for sustainable development & research on sustainable development. This book gives in detail the role of teacher in practicing the strategies, pedagogies and methods of promoting sustainable behavior, values and life skills. Soil, water and environment conservation can be done in sustainable way. This book also highlights India's major challenges and issues relating to goals of sustainable development. It describes the steps taken by India on sustainable development. Contents:– Education and Sustainable Development; Sustainable Development; Human Resource Development; Education for Sustainable Development; Sustainable Pedagogies in the Classroom; Education; Role of Teacher in Inculcating Education for Sustainable Development; Quality of Higher Education and Sustainable Development; Attaining Food Security in India; Education for Women Empowerment; Empowering the Indian Women; Life Skills and Education; Empowerment Students Through Life Skill Education for Sustainable Development; Survival Skills for Sustainable Livelihood; Stress and their Coping Strategies; Effect of Indian Mythological Mantras with Music on Academic Stress Management; Values: Concept, Types, Need and Significance; Values: Meaning, Types, Need and Significance; Effective Approaches for Value Inculcation in the Students; Value Oriented Education; Gandhian Concept of Development; Sustainable Management of Water Rsources in Garhwal Region; Stabilization of a Dispersive Soil by Treating with Flyash; Expansion of Tourism with Information and Communication; Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in India; The Relationship of Mankind with Sustainable Development; Indian Culture and Sustainable Development; Contribution of Literature Combating Global Climate Change; Contribution of Peace Education for Social Change and Transformation; Implementation of Government Public Policy for Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education; Sustainable Development; Good Governance Via Public Policy; Enhancing Effectiveness Towards Science Communication to Built-up Positive Attitude among Scheduled Tribe Students Through Visiting Science Museum