Sustainable Agribusiness Development and Management Practices
Edited by Priyanka Mahanta, Rashmi Baruah, Abhijit Brahma and Kritika Uzir
  • ISBN 13 : 9789390692774
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
A healthy and dynamic agricultural sector is one of the important foundations of improving rural economy in developing countries of the world. It is true that India is an agrarian economy, with agriculture being the primary source of income for most of the people of the country. Since independence, various schemes, programmes, and practices have emphasised the importance of agricultural development of this country for recognising and making use of strengths and opportunities as long as sustainable development in this sector and improving rural economy is concerned. Moreover, with the advent of modern technologies and implementing management practices - hold immense promises in improving the agricultural sector by enhancing its productivity and quality, which will ensure sustainable livelihood and thus sustainable development of the rural economy. In addition to productivity and quality, nowadays more and more attention is paid to the importance of agriculture in preserving environmental values, environmental biodiversity, nourishing & restoring the soil, conserving & protecting water etc. which are the components of sustainable development. However, agricultural producers from rural areas are facing major challenges today and they are in dilemma of choosing to achieve their economic goals at the expense of environmental requirements. The objective of this book is to understand the diverse views related to Agri-business, Modernization &Technology interventions in agricultural sector, Emerging and Innovative Management Practices as Sustainable development opportunities, developing sustainable ways to add value to agricultural products locally & regionally to generate additional income towards developing the Rural Economy.