Sulaimanis: Livees Less Ordinary
  • ISBN : 90650403
  • year : 2008
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Description: Contents: I. Legacy: 1. The way they were. 2. India-early years. II. Extraordinary people: 1. Torch bearers. 2. Public life, law and administration. 3. Education, social service and culture. 4. Literature, art, environment and sport. 5. Business and professions. III. Lifestyle: 1. Beautiful homes. 2. The way they dress. 3. Leisure moments. 4. Changing tastes. 5. Who are we? 6. Community affairs. 7. In service of the community. 8. Publisher?s note. 9. Acknowledgements. From the Foreword: ?There are scores of men and women who are just unaware of the lofty lineage that this array of achievers has bequeathed to their kinsmen, who now are settled -- in small, small numbers -- throughout the globe. And as each such generation passes the torch to its successors, less and less becomes this awareness of their innumerable accomplishments, which have so seamlessly merged into the social fabric of the country, that they are recognized today only by their achievements and not their ethnicity. Their humility and quest for excellence drove them into diverse fields of endeavour, including higher education law, the civil services, the defence forces, ecology, art, social work and so on, for the greater good of humanity. By dint of these qualities, the Sulaimanis rose to positions of national eminence in this wide spectrum of professions and callings, carving a unique niche for themselves in the country?s mainstream wherever they went. And for a community that is truly miniscule in size (their numbers in the subcontinent, including those who have migrated from India to other lands but excluding the original natives of Sind among them do not cross 5,000), their achievements, measured by any yardstick, are an eloquent and self-evident tribute to their outstanding mettle. Younger generations may well feel inspired, and better motivated to reach for goals that are a little higher than otherwise and help them leave the world just a little better then they would otherwise. It will be a world in which commercial frontiers get blurred and merge into a broader outlook, where concern for what is right and just supercedes every other consideration, as the lives and deeds of their forebears have so consistently exemplified. This book is not about sportstars, filmstars, tycoons or politicians. These are heroes of another era. A time when commitment to the common good was by itself a laudable goal. These leaders of civil society set out to serve with passion and integrity, lending themselves to noble causes, not for any personal gain but simply because it was the right thing to do. Having played their part, they moved on, gently fading away into the pages of history. Those who remain, valiantly carry the flag for global harmony and global justice, resisting the harsh winds that blow across India today. Their sacrifices are woven into every strand of Indian society -- and that is their true legacy.