Sufi Tales: Wisdom from Mulla Nasruddin's Comic Teachings and Stories
Jamal Rahman
  • ISBN : 9788184956856
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
$ 15.00
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Wisdom from Mulla Nasruddin’s comic teachings and stories the legendary Mulla Nasruddin is a village simpleton and sage rolled into one. The stories of his wisdom, timeless and placeless, emanate from a source beyond book learning and contain several layers of meaning. In this unique book, Imam Jamal Rahman weaves together Islamic spiritual insights with the Mulla’s humorous teachings and connects them to the issues at the heart of the spiritual quest. Rahman pairs the stories with teachings from the Qur'an, Prophet Muhammad, Rumi, Hafiz and other Islamic sages. Through Mulla, these fables address larger social concerns of human vulnerability and depravity, the hazards of the ego and much more. Together, these sources combined with spiritual practices will raise your soul to laughter and inspire you to transform yourself and the world around you.