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Structural Transformation of Agriculture in India

Structural Transformation of Agriculture in India

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Author:Jagdish Prasad
ISBN 13:9789388147309

About the Book

This book ‘Structural Transformation of Agriculture in India’ is a valid compilation of twenty-five articles of authors belonging to wider geographical area culling out the experiences of agricultural transformation at the national and regional levels. This book will be of immensely useful to policy-makers for taking appropriate decisions and researchers for the better understanding of the structural transformation of Indian economy. Contents include : Structural Transformation of Indian Agriculture; Structural Transformation of Agriculture Activities in India; Structural Transformation of the Indian Economy during Pre- and Post-Reforms Period; Sectoral Performance in Agriculture and Changing Face of Economic Growth through Innovative Practices; Sectoral Performance in Agriculture, Manufacturing and Service Sector; Sectoral Performance in Agriculture, Manufacturing and Service Sector; Performance Trends of Agriculture Sector; Performance of Agriculture and Allied Sectors in India; Agriculture, Services and Manufacturing Sectors in the Context of ‘Make in India’; Sustainability in Agriculture to Reduce Distress; Pace and Pattern of Sustainable Agriculture Development; Seven Decades Development Experience of Indian Agriculture; The Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between Agricultural and Industrial Sectors in India; A Comparison of Post-Reform Growth Experience in Agriculture and Manufacturing in India; Role of Government for Betterment of Agricultural Labourers in India; Women’s Role in Agriculture Sector; New Measures to Boost Agriculture Growth and Farmers’ Income; Mapping Out the Efficiency of Agricultural Market Nexus; Growth and Instability Analysis of Vegetable Sector; Analysis of Crop Diversification in India; Impact of Soil Health Card (SHC) Scheme on Agricultural Productivity of Major Crops; Impact of Agricultural Technology on Groundnut Cultivation; Socio-economic Impact of Demographic Transformation, Migration and Urbanisation; Social Security and Informal Sector; Performance of Marine Fisheries Sector in India.