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Streamlined Construction of Onshore Oil and Gas Pipelines –24/7 Energy Access to All

Streamlined Construction of Onshore Oil and Gas Pipelines –24/7 Energy Access to All

Author:Abhirup Bhattacharya and Ramesh Samtani
ISBN 13:9789390838318
Subject:Science and Technology

About the Book

Many variables affect the cost of pipeline and oil & gas transportation. The exact break-even point between LNG and pipelines will depend on the volume of natural gas and the distance that it is transported. Pipeline transport is a better option for larger volumes and shorter distances. LNG transport has the lowest costs for smaller volumes (up to 15 bcmpa) and for longer distances. In general, LNG becomes economically feasible in contrast to 4000 kilometres of land pipe or 2000 km of offshore pipe. In India however, there are large lengths of landmass and population centres which are landlocked and can only be connected using pipelines. India has only 12 meters of pipeline per square kilometre of land area compared to 243 meters in USA. Even Pakistan has 21 meters of pipelines per square kilometres of land. Thus lot of scope exists for laying pipelines in India for meeting energy requirements. With 15500 km of upcoming Pipelines proposed to be laid over the next few years, it is imperative that all the resources involved are well trained and have a handy checklist for each activity they perform. In this book we have tried to accumulate our years of experience into simple and activity wise checklists which can be used by the people involved in Oil and Gas pipeline construction.