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Stochastic Models of Human Reproduction

Stochastic Models of Human Reproduction

Author:K B Pathak and Dr Aravind pandey
ISBN 13:9789352625758
Subject:Anthropology and Sociology/Population/Demography

About the Book

Having viewed the human reproduction process as a stochastic process, the book presents models to study various biosocial determinants of fertility from the limited observation made available through the field surveys. It provides a comprehensive review of the Original research undertaken in this area especially in India. The book will serve as an important aid to the students, teachers and researches who believe in the philosophy of modeling and therefore sharpen their analytical capabilities in research. It contains eight chapters covering the distribution of first conceptive delays, models of the duration of lactation amenorrhea, number of conceptions / births and birth intervals. Some of the distinguishing features of the book are: (1) it presents models involving family planning strategies and stopping rules; (2) it provides models of open birth interval and the methods of estimating parity progression ratios from the data on closed and open birth intervals; and (3) it presents an illustrative chapter to show how the models can be effectively used for the evaluation of family planning programme in addition to estimating a number of biosocial determinants of human fertility. The book may therefore be used not only to teach the basics of modeling but also as a reference book for the students and teachers of Statistics, Biostatistics and Demography. Contents- 1. Models of Human Reproduction an Introduction 2. Models for the Waiting Time of First Conception 3. Models of Locational Amenorrhea 4. Models for the Number of Births 5. Models Involving Family Planning Strategies and Stopping Rules 6. Models of Closed Birth Intervals 7. Models of Open Birth Intervals 8. Application of Models About the Author: K.B. Pathak - Director, International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai-88. Dr. Aravind pandey is Reader, Department of Mathematical Demography & Statistics, International Institute for Population Science, Bombay. He has been teaching Mathematical Demography, Techniques of Facility Analysis, Population, Projection, Evaluation of Family Planning Programmes and Biostatistics. His area of interest covers modeling human reproduction process in general and birth intervals in particular. He was written more than 50 papers which are published in Indian and Foreign Journals of repute. Dr. Pandey has been honoured with young Scientist Award of the Indian Science Congress Association at Lucknow and the Malviya Memorial Foundation Award of Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, in the year 1985 for his original work on Birth Interval Analysis. He has been a recipient of the Rockefeller Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship to work at the Department of Biostatistics and Carolina Population Centre, University of North Carolina, Chapel hill, U.S.A. during 1986-1988. Dr. Pandey has been continuously involved in bringing out such collaborative monographs.