Stingless Bees: An Unexplored Pollinator in India
Dr Avinash Chauhan and Dr Hemant Kumar Singh
  • ISBN 13 : 9788171642465
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
Stingless Bees - an unexplored pollinator in India is the first attempt to describe the status of stingless beekeeping in the country. The different aspects of stingless bees are discussed in detail with pictures and illustrations. This book provides an insight on the importance of bees and the diversity of stingless bees in the country and globe. The information is presented in a systematic manner split across 14 chapters discussing about the nest architecture of stingless bees; colony organization and life cycle; meliponiculture and the different equipment required for scientific beekeeping; management strategies for scientific handling of bees; various stresses hampering bee health and performance; bee products and their nutraceutical properties. Besides this, the role of stingless bees as a pollinator is described with the important pollination traits exhibited by these small bees. This book offers and informative and pictorial representation of different aspects of stingless bee keeping in the country and the overall status in the world and evidently the authors tried to do justice to stingless been, through this publication. Contents: Preface. 1. Bees and their importance. 2. Stingless bees diversity. 3. Nest architecture and identification of Stingless bees. 4. Colony organization and life cycle. 5. Social behaviour of stingless bees. 6. Stingless beekeeping equipment. 7. Meliponiculture: handling of bee colonies. 8. Flora of stingless bees. 9. Management of stingless bees. 10. Biotic stresses in meliponiculture. 11. Bee poisoning. 12. Hive products of stingless bees. 13. Pollination - an essential service. 14. Stingless bees - present and future in India. References. Appendix. Index.