Srimalinivijayottara Tantram, Vijnana Bhairava, Sri Svacchanda Tantram, Sri Netra Tantram, Siva Sutra
English Translation of Selected Chapters with Sanskrit Texts by Prof. Satya Prak
  • ISBN : 9788186117354,8186117350
  • year : 2016
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This book is an English translation with Sanskrit texts of selected chapters of important and founational books of Kashmir Saivism (Tryambakam), namely, Sri Malinivijayottara Tantra (Chapters 1, 2, 12 to 19; 21-23); Vijnana Bhairava; Sri Svacchanda Tantram (Chapter VII related to Prana); Sri Netra Tantram (Chapter VII and VIII dealing with Subtle Yoga and Meditation on the Transcendent) and Siva Sutra. This book is an asset for practitioners as it contains varieties of meditation methods whether be it on touch, taste, smell, sound, five tattvas, senses, etc. Whatever method one may employ, ultimately one reaches to one's reality, i.e. integral consciousness which is the Ultimate Reality called by various names in the timeline of Yoga such as Indra, Yama, Brahman, Siva etc. About the Author Professor Satya Prakash Singh is a renowned Vedic scholar-alumni of the Banaras Hindu University; D.Jitt. of the Aligarh Muslim University; former Chairman of the Department of Sanskrit and Dean, Faculty of Arts, Aligarh Muslim University. Recipient off a number of prestigious awards-Ganganath Jha Award of the Uttar Pradesh Sanskrit Academy, Rajaji Literary Award of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Swami Pranavananda Best Book of the Year Award in Psychology, Bhanabhatta Puraskara of Sanskrit Academy, Uttar Pradesh, President of India's Award of Scholar of Eminence; authored more than 29 books. Swami Maheshvarananda is an accomplished yogin besides being deeply grounded in the study of yogic literature of a variety of shades including Vedic, Tantric, Saiva, Vaisnava and Buddhist. He was initiated in yoga practically by a reputed yogin while living in his company for quite some time in a sacred cave in Northern India.