Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji and Freedom Movement of India
Yogendra Bali
  • ISBN 13 : 9788124115343
  • year : 2023
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
This book retells the modern world the fascinating story of India’s white-robed warriors, the Kookas or the Namdhari Sikhs. Clad in white, khadi handspun Punjabi Kurta and Churidar Pyjama ensemble, the men wear straight white turbans and the women cover their heads with a white dupatta. They are warriors of a different kind, who would rather sacrifice their own lives than kill. By belief and practice, they would not kill an ant or an insect during their farming operations. But in their century-long struggle for the political, social, economic and spiritual emancipation of man under the wise guidance of their satgurus or the True Guides, they evolved a way of life which does offer solutions to several present-day problems and ailments of the tortured humanity. The Kooka movement inspired the Indian freedom struggle which became the inspiration for movements for freedom of colonial nations around the world, specially so in Asia. The book is an attempt to provide some glimpses of Kooka history and the Namdhari way of thought and life for the modern mankind.