Sri Aurobindo’s Spiritual Journey to Eternity Through Super Consciousness
Monika Dalal
  • ISBN : 9789387651432
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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To see and worship the incarnation of the Divine upon Earth is man's greatest fortune. Men, with immense Divine Grace, at some time of their life, get to see the incarnation of God. Those priceless moments become 'Divine Moments' of life. To see the Divine with the inner sight in the reality the answer to an intense and boundless aspiration of the Soul for the Divine. And this heavenly experience stays with him for ever, till eternity. No place or time can take away those precious moments from him. To understand the Divine Glory and God's works upon the earth is beyond the capacity of the human mind. But the triple labour of Aspiration, Rejection and Surrender in man, takes him ahead on the Road of Light, on the Spiritual Path, where one experiences those Divine Moments. These are permanently etched in man's consciousness. These sublime, deep inner experiences become a part of him for Eternity.