Pariksith Singh
  • ISBN : 9788194954781
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Dr. Singh delves deep into the works of Sri Aurobindo to present a compelling and fascinating collage of Sri Aurobindo’s multifaceted and multidimensional genius: Sri Aurobindo as seer and mystic, as visionary and poet, as writer, translator, linguist and critic, and as India’s first spiritual nationalist. Sri Aurobindo, as this book declares, a true fountainhead of India’s literary renaissance, needs to be discovered and better appreciated not just in India but globally. “…Sri Aurobindo is unique,” writes the author, “in that he gave us the complete program for our efflorescence as a culture and a civilization. From spirituality to religion to art and culture to literature to ethics and sociology and politics and strategy of war… And India would be great only if it fulfilled itself in all the possibilities of its multi-dimensional existence.” This book promises to be another significant addition to the growing body of literature on Sri Aurobindo. Pariksith Singh is a poet, writer, entrepreneur and healer. His life, work and literature are uniquely personalized expressions of his spiritual journey and unfolding realization. One can sense a constant striving towards deeper and wider truth in all that he is and does. Pariksith’s creativity spans from literature, philosophy and science to politics, business and entrepreneurship. He writes widely and deeply on all matters that he feels are relevant to contemporary human civilization. His concern, through all this, remains only one — the articulation of the deeper and the wider.