Spread of Islam in India
Ramkumar Natrajan
  • ISBN : 9788170263814
  • year : 2017
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Islam spread like wild-fire annihilating the locak faiths followed by people. Within a century of its inception, it established itself firmly in the peninsular Arabia, Levant, Iran, Northern Africa and Spain. Military conquests of the Arabs brought in its wake Islam to the conquered lands. Unlike Christianity Islam has never been a missionary religion. The debate centres round its spread. One set of writers vouches for its peaceful propagation, another vehemently points to the use of force, Popularly known as 'Sword Theory.' With regards to India, Islam could not totally obliterate the local faiths in spite of its having been the religion of the rulers for nearly thousand years. Some attribute the caste system of the Hindus,some to the sword power of the Muslim rulers, some to the sufis and some to the sops offered by the rulers to the prospective converts as reasons for spread of Islam in India. But none to the inner strength of Hinduism which the book highlights here and there. This book discusses the role of Sufis in detail. It also brings out facts and convincing arguments on the destruction to temples by the Muslim rulers. Truly a handbook of Truths!