Some Aspects of Chandella History, Culture, Art and Architecture
S K Sullerey
  • ISBN 13 : 9788119808632
  • year : 2024
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
CONTENTS: Preface, Acknowledgements, List of Abbeviations, List of Plates, GROUP-A: 1. Chandella Historiography, 2. Significance of Kalinjar Fort in the History of Chandellas, 3. The Chandella Forts and their Administration, 4. Cities and City Life during the Reign of the Chandellas, 5. Chandella Queens, 6. A Note on the Chronology of the Chandella, 7. The Kalachuris of Kalinjar, 8. Saivism as Revealed in the Chandella Inscriptions, 9. Kundeshwar Copper Plates of Chandella Queen Satyabhama of the Year 1060, 10. Significance of Chandella Copper Plates, 11. Geographical and Historical Background of Chandella Art and Architecture, 12. A Note on the Gaja-Lakshmi Image from Nachna Kuthara, 13. Rare Gold Coin of Tarilokyavarman, 14. Environment as Reflected in Chandella Art and Architecture, 15. The Kalanjara Vaikunthapatta and its Historical Significance, 16. Some Interesting Linga Images from Kalinjar and Ajaigarh, 17. Rare Rock Cut Sculptures of Water Carriers on Vihanagika (Kanwar) from Kalanjara, 18. A Seated Nandin Bearing a Sivalinga, 19. Two Unique Rock-Cut Bhairava Images from Kalanjara, 20. Animals and Birds in Chandella Art and Architecture, 21. Forestry and Wildlife in Chandella Art and Architecture, GROUP_B: 22. Tripuri-Tirthapattaa, 23. The Contribution of Narmada to the urban growth of Tripuri, 24. Maonial Relations in Sixth Century B.C. and their Significance, 25. Interstate Relations between Bihar and Madhya Pradesh as Revealed in History and Documents. 26. Sculptures as the Source of Socio-Economic History of M.P. 27. A Note on the Panchayatana Sivalinga in the Indian Museums, Calcutta, 28. Archaeological Explorations along the River Hiran (M>P>P, 29. A Repousse Gold Coin of Prasanamatra from Raipur District, Index, Plates,. 244pp,.