Soil Quality and Pesticide Residues Analysis
Mahendar Prasad and Pushpendra Koli
  • ISBN : 9789387973176
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: Section I: Soil Quality Analysis: 1. Importance of soil testing, soil sampling and processing. 2. Determination of soil pH and electrical conductivity. 3. Determination of soil texture by hydrometer method. 4. Determination of soil bulk density. 5. Determination of soil particle density. 6. Determination of water holding capacity in soil. 7. Determination of water stable aggregates of soil by wet sieving method. 8. Determination of soil organic carbon. 9. Determination of available nitrogen in soil. 10. Determination of available phosphorous in soil. 11. Determination of available potassium in soil. 12. Determination of available sulphur in soil. 13. Determination of extractable calcium carbonate in soil. 14. Determination of extractable calcium and magnesium in soil. 15. Determination of carbonate and bicarbonate in soil. 16. Determination of available chloride in soil. 17. Determination of micronutrients in soil by atomic absorption spectrophotometer. 18. Determination of available boron in soil. Section II: Pesticide Residue Analysis: 19. Pesticide residue analysis: overview. 20. Instrumentation- gas chromatography (GC, GC-MS & GC-MS/MS). 21. Instrumentation High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). 22. Pesticide residue analysis in green fodder. 23. Pesticide residue in dry fodder. 24. Pesticide residue analysis in soil. 25. Pesticide residue analysis in milk. 26. Pesticide residue analysis from concentrated animal feed. This book includes the techniques of soil quality and pesticide residue analysis in field of forage science. The collection and compilation of laboratory methods and techniques from various concrete sources and has been endeavored to include as much information as could be possible. It covers latest methods and interpretations from sampling to testing platforms. Provides detailed testing protocols and quality assurance protocols. This book helps the young researchers, scientists, students of M.Sc. and Ph.D. in field of soil science and pesticide residue analysis.