Soil Fertility and Integrated Nutrient Management
Singaravel, R and A Angayarkanni
  • ISBN : 9789388892674
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The per capita arable land is declining rapidly due to the demographic pressure, soil degradation, urbanisation and conservation to non-agricultural uses. Exploding population and shrinking arable land and water resources put enormous pressure on the scientists to go in for technologies that can enhance the productivity per unit area. The Indian Soil Scientists in the past have made commendable research relating to inventorisation, Characterization, diagnosis and mapping of different soil but also to quantifying their potentials and developing suitable conservation, reclamation and management techniques for augmenting production. To meet the targeted food production for the next few decades, management of soil resources will be a major challenges for the scientific community. Research is needed in areas of Remote sensing and GIS for land and water use management, reliable estimate of the extend of land degradation, etc. Innovative technologies which can improve soil fertility by means of increasing soil organic matter, micro and secondary nutrient availability and soil resilience. Management of inland and coastal salt affected soils. Advanced research on Integrated Nutrient Management, Alternate land use system involving silvipasture, dryland horticulture and medicinal plants. This book has Seven chapters with contributed papers which will be highly for the scholars, scientists and academicians in the field of soil Science, Agronomy, Horticulture, Botany, Environmental Science, Agricultural Advisors and Research and Development Centers. This book will also be useful for the scholars aspiring for competitive examinations. Contents: Soil and Water Resource Management Management of Salt Affected Soils Recent Advances in Soil Fertility Management Advances in Irrigation Water Management Integrated Nutrient Management for Sustainable Soil Health Soil Pollution and Environmental Protection Alternate Land Use Pattern for Sustainable Land Management