Soil and Water Conservation in Semi-Arid Areas
Norman W Hudson
  • ISBN : 9789383692859
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: 1. Introcuction 2. The Problems of Agriculture in the Semi-Arid Regions 3. Assessing the Possibilities for Improving Agriculture 4. Soil Conservation 5. Water Conservation 6.Water Harvesting and Use 7. Applications of Water Conservation References (Given by Chapter) Annex 1 : Glossary of Local Names Annex 2 : Summary of FAO/Unesco System of Soil Classification with Analogues in the US System of Taxonomy Index The book reviews on methods and techniques which have been treated and found useful in semi-arid regions and which might be suitable for use in other condition also. The objective is to make the book relevant for anywhere; where the rainfall is a big problem because of its quantity, distribution or unreliability. It outlines the scale and importance of the problem, difficulties and possibilities for the improvement. It strongly argues and presents evidences that drought is part of the natural order in semi-arid areas and that the recent disasters of degradation and famine in Africa result from misuse and mismanagement of the natural resources which reduced the region's ability to cope with the additional stress of drought.