Skill Development In India
Dr. B Ramaswamy, Dr. R Sasikala Pushpa and Dr. M B Gururaj
  • ISBN 13 : 9789353222802
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
Contents About the Authors —Pgs.iii Acronyms —Pgs.vii Chapter: 1 Education and Skill Development for 21st Century —Pgs.1 Chapter: 2 Skill India – Kaushal Bharat- Kushal Bharat —Pgs.13 Chapter: 3 Skill Development: An Introductory Overview —Pgs.27 Chapter: 4 Indian Economy: Present Challenges and Future Outlook —Pgs..53 Chapter: 5 The Role of Micro and Small Industries for Promotion of Employment Generation in India —Pgs..61 Chapter: 6 Role of ‘Start Up’ and ‘Stand Up’ in Employment and Self-Employment in New India —Pgs.67 Chapter: 7 Atal Tinkering Labs Igniting India’s School Children —Pgs.77 Chapter: 8 Role of an NGO in the Field of Skill Development —Pgs.85 Chapter: 9 Modi’s achievements on Employment —Pgs..Opportunities in India —Pgs.91 Chapter: 10 Role of Urban Economic Development —Pgs.and Urban Policy of India: —Pgs..Challenges and Opportunities —Pgs.99 Chapter: 11 Inclusive Policies and Affirmative Action —Pgs.109 Chapter: 12 Entrepreneurship Education and Skilling —Pgs..Entrepreneurs —Pgs.121 Chapter: 13 Conclusion and Recommendation —Pgs.131 Glossary of Terms —Pgs.143 FAQs —Pgs.155 Bibliography —Pgs.179