Sino-Indian Equation: Competition + Cooperation - Confrontation
Brigadier (Dr.) Rajeev Bhutani
  • ISBN : 9789386618757
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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When two neighboring countries of comparable national power are vying for influence in the same strategic space, competition is bound to occur. Drivers of conflict will always be there in their co-existence, however increasing convergence of national interests can lead to cooperation between them for the mutual benefit of both. If China and India can overcome their differences, they can make their disagreements over boundary dispute and competition in the Indo-Pacific region irrelevant. They can create positive effects on economic development and security in Asia and in turn affect the global landscape. However, the world is passing through a period of strategic uncertainty where China is seeking to dislodge the United States as leading power in the Indo-Pacific region and contain India and Japan - through geo-economic measures like `Belt and Road Initiative` and exercising de facto control of South China Sea by militarizing the artificial islands. ‚ÄúSino-Indian Equation: Competition + Cooperation - Confrontation‚ÄĚcovers all the above aspects of India-China relations in the light of emerging global environment and presents the strategic initiatives, which will enable India to keep its national interests uppermost. The book covers in detail Prime Minister Modi`s efforts of diplomatic balancing in not only achieving bonhomie with President Xi but also strengthening strategic relationships with the United States, Japan and Russia, thereby retaining India`s Strategic Autonomy