Sikkim: Feudal and Democratic
A C Sinha
  • ISBN : 9788173872143
  • year : 2008
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The book, divided into three parts and twelve chapters, tells the story of Sikkim from its hoary past to the present and reports as to how the Tibetans, Nepalese, and the British dealt with Sikkim leading to eclipse of its autonomous entity. Part one provides with the background and social history indicating the emergence of ethnic plurality and indeterminate political status. Part two deals with the feudal and democratic elite and shows how they fashioned its destiny during two critical phases of its history. Part three describes the travail of Sikkim from a feudal set up to a democratic one under the Nepamul (Nepal!) control. At the end, the book informs the readers the process of churning within the Nepamul society to find a place in the Indian democratic environment, which is sharply exhibited through the shift of political power in Sikkim.