SIKH ART From the Kapany Collection (The Sikh Foundation)
Edited by Paul Michael Taylor and Sonia Dhami
  • ISBN : 9780970036346
  • year : 2017
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
$ 205.00
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NEW BOOK REIMAGINES SIKH ART! When you think about Sikh Art - do you only think about paintings and sculptures? This volume will help you reimagine Sikh art in all its glorious forms- manuscripts, stamps, coins, arms, armor, textiles and of course paintings and sculptures. Through this richly illustrated book, fifteen distinguished scholars assess and interpret the Kapany Collection - a remarkable art resource, using it to introduce Sikh art, ethos, religion, culture and history to a broad audience. The essays describe the passion and vision of Narinder and Satinder Kapany,. An examination of the portraits of the Gurus, the Janamsakhi manuscripts, artwork depicting the Golden Temple and art from the Sikh kingdoms engages the reader both visually and intellectually.