Servant of Sahibs: A Book to be Read Aloud (Reprint edition, First Published in 1925)
Ghulam Rassul Galwan Introduction by Sir Francis E Younghusband
  • ISBN : 9788183391764
  • year : 2012
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Contents Author's preface. Introduction by Sir Francis Younghusband. Editor's introduction. Facsimile of handwriting. Rassul's song. 1. My family. 2. What I did in my young time. 3. The service of Kutedar in Leh. 4. The journey with Dr. Trall. 5. The journey of Captain Younghusband. 6. The bad luck journey with Hindus. 7. The trouble of woman. 8. My first marriage. 9. The journey with Lord Sahib and Major Sahib. 10. The service of Major Sahib. 11. After Major Sahib's service. 12. The Journey of Mr. Phelps and Mr. Church. 13. My second marriage. 14. The journey of Mr. Littledale. 15. Testing the Sahibs a Drama. Glossary of foreign words.