Sculptures of Lonad Cave and Pandava Leni (Identification and Interpretation)
Meena Talim
  • ISBN : 9789380852935
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The present book compiles a research of sculptures of two caves namely Lonad-caves at Kalyana and Pandava-Leni at Nasik. Fortunately the research is done on these caves by many eminent scholars but it is not satisfactory, owing to their pre-conceive presumptions. The present book is based on Buddhist Literary sources. The author firmly believes that sculptures of Buddhist Caves are based on the Pali sources and commentaries. Accordingly, after studying all 547 Jatakas along with their commentaries, she has proved that Lonad-Cave is based on Vessantara-Jataka, all the its Seventeen Panels have been deciphered. Similarly sculptures of Pandava-Leni are based on 'Mahapalobhana-jataka, all the seventeen panels have been identified and interpreted. She has opened the new vista for scholars, research-minded lovers of history and student.