SCIENTIST: A Unique Species and the Backbone of a Nations Economic and Intellectual Prosperity
Dr B K Tyagi
  • ISBN : 9789390495429
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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how many books can it be said that their publication directly affected the personal wellbeing of every person on the earth? No doubt, many books have been written which have changed the outlook of millions, altered social institutions, and even deflected the course of history, but of very few can it be said that their contents concerned the very central core of the construction of that rare amongst rarest of human morphs – the scientist – whom the entire humanity owes virtually everything, from good living conditions including clothes, drinking water, food, hygiene and health to clean environment. This book is all about the virtues that make a scientist. It is certainly not an easy task to define a scientist but for the characteristic that he is maddeningly obsessed with the prospects of achieving his objective under the severest of personal and professional stumbling blocks! Beforehand, thus, he visualises the entire scenario of his undertakings without actually physically seeing & that is what makes him different from a man of ordinary mould: Wise haveth their eyes, in the head; Fools waketh through forest, & see no firewood! I hope that this book, unique in its approach and treatment on the subject, and written with a view to ignite the young minds to develop habits of perseverance and dedication, so that a stronger future of India could be constructed. Contents: 1 Scientist: a protagonist of the nation’s most precious heritage – “Perseverance and Commitment” 2 Self-help: a scientist’s greatest virtue 3 Hardwork and application: no alternative whatsoever 4 Scientific pursuit: love nonpareil 5 Energy and courage: inevitable qualities to achieve impossible 6 Patience and resilience: a scientist’s “mantra" to success 7 Opportunities and helps: a scientist creates the former,looks beyond the latter 8 Thoroughness and confidence: best friends in need indeed 9 Time and money: a scientist is prompt and thrifty 10 Scientist and criticism: intensity of opposition is the measure of popularity 11 Facilities and constraints: necessity is the mother of all inventions 12 Science and teaching: a good scientist is a good teacher too 13 Self-culture, character and national integrity: a scientist is a role model all look at 14 Mentoring science and scientists: seasoned experience and youthful energy - "two wheels of a bicycle" 15 A scientist is ever peripatetic: mobility is progress 16 Scientists and commerciality: marketability is the yardstick 17 "I am a scientist": speak loudly and clearly Appendix: Selected bibliographies of scientists