Savitri Bhatia's Culinary Legacy: The Best of Indian Cuisine
edited by Arati Bhatia
  • ISBN : 9789385563577
  • year : 2016
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A gastronomical treat - Savitri Bhatia's Culinary Legacy has been crafted as a tribute to a woman who's skills in the kitchen have been an inspiration for many who've learned the fine art of simple, delightful home cooking from her classes, experiences and previously published cook books. This latest collection of her recipes includes some from her original publications (Shahi Tukre, published in 1974, and Delightful Cooking, first published in 1983, with several subsequent editions.) However, in the attempt to produce a fitting tribute, the contents have been expanded to include some of her previously unpublished recipes that have been secrets to some of the finest meals on our home table. The book is formatted into sections that include basic concepts about Indian food, cooking methods, and ingredients that will help any beginner set up an ideal, easy to use kitchen that has become a necessity rather than a desire in today's busy world. The recipes are divided into specific food groups - for example non vegetarian recipes have not only been sub divided into meat, fish, poultry groups, but further into categories that use particular techniques like marination for Kababs. Vegetarian food has been split into foods with gravies such as dals and kadhis from all over the country, as well as vegetable dishes, all with regional references and ideal rice or bread accompaniments. Desserts and beverages are in separate sections, as are pickles and preserves. There is also a separate chapter devoted to what we call "Angrezi khana" like baked fish, soups, and salads as well as Western desserts like cakes and pies; and home-style Asian cooking with recipes like Kyaw Swe (Khao Suey) and good, old fashioned Chilly chicken.