Sanskriti Vichitra: Essence of Art and Archaeology Museums, Museology and Heritage Management (In Honour of Dr. S.S. Biswas) (2 Vols-Set)
edited by Sachindranath Bhattacharya, Rupendra Kumar Chattopadhyay and Goutami B
  • ISBN : 9788174791856
  • year : 2015
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Sanskriti Vichitra, presented in two volumes, contains 128 essays on such wide range of subjects like art, archaeology, museums, museology, heritage management, etc. The book, with its varied subjects, is divided into two volumes ? Vol. I on Art and Archaeology, and Vol. II on Museums, Museology and Heritage Management. Volume I comprise 61 articles. Though broadly classified as ?Art and Archaeology? volume, it contains articles on Prehistory, Proto-history, Historical Archaeology, Art, Iconography, Architecture, Religious and Social History, Modern Art, Folk Art, History of Archaeological researches, etc. Similarly, Volume II incorporates 67 articles on History of Museum movement, Museums, Museological studies and also new developments in Museology, Structural and Chemical Conservation, Women empowerment and Traditional knowledge systems. The articles presented in these volumes flow from the pens of established academicians as well as young research scholars of various universities, colleges and other cultural institutions of the country and beyond. The authors who have contributed to the volume, whether in Art, Archaeology, Museology, Heritage Management, etc., have brought in their writings their own understanding of the subject coupled with new material gleaned through field visits and practical knowledge acquired in the course of their professional careers. Thus, the articles are an optimum amalgamation of conventional knowledge and new perceptions and discoveries. (jacket)