Sacred Thread Patanjali's Yogasutra
Christopher Key Chapple, Beth Sternlieb, Cris Antunes and Shrinetra Pandey
  • ISBN : 9788124610770
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Sacred Thread offers a visual and three-language presentation of Patajali's Yogastra. These 196 short sentences form the foundation for the philosophy and practice of Yoga. One of six ways of viewing the world, this Darana emphasizes human potential. Acknowledging the troubles caused by ignorance, egotism, addiction, and negativity, Yoga urges the cultivation of opposites: gentle behavior (ahis), truth-telling (satya), honesty (asteya), sexual restraint (brahmacarya) and avoidance of consumerism (aparigraha). Combined with practices of body, breath, and meditation, Yoga brings understanding and freedom. Working with the original Sanskrit text, the book renders photographic images to understand Yoga philosophy along with translation and explanation in English as well as Hindi. Without a syllable to spare, the Sanskrit text encapsulates the meaning of life and the possibility of freedom in four chapters: Samdhi, Sdhana, Powers, and Freedom. The daily street life of India places the entire spectrum of Patajali?s wisdom on display. The authors have chosen from thousands of images to match Patajali's glimpses of reality with what can readily be seen in Pune or Varanasi or Delhi. The English translation seeks to convey Patajali's concision without adding too much explanation. The process of Yoga requires the quieting of thoughts. By letting the words stand on their own, a sense of connection emerges, conveying the thread of Yoga wisdom. Yoga is now studied and practiced in more than four dozen universities throughout India. The Hindi translation provides yet another bridge for comprehending the wisdom of Yoga. This book will be useful for the many people training to be experts in Yoga.