Sacred Moments: Reflections on Buddhist Rites and Christian Rituals (Contributions from 18 Global Practitioners
Edited by Paul H. de Neui
  • ISBN : 9789351483274
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents Contributors Introduction Section 1 Frameworks for Reflection on Ritual 1. The Importance of Ceremony in Isaan / Tongpan Phrommedda 2. From Ritual to Culture : Finding Doors into Hearts and Minds / Douglas M. Fraiser and G. Mirjam Bos 3. The Pauline Concept of Ritual in the Buddhist Worldview / Bouvert Regulas 4. Death and Life Rituals in Buddhism and Christianity / Stephen Bailey 5. From Meals to Blessings : Contextualized Ritual and Christian Identity in Buddhist Contexts / Ryan Binkley 6. Through the Lens of Pchum Ben : What Ritual means to Cambodian Buddhists and Implications for Contextualization / Claire T. C. Chong Section 2 Reflections on Ritual as Discipleship 7. Ritual Prayer : Understanding the Buddhist Heart Sutra in Light of the Lord's Prayer / C-S Abraham Cheong 8. Appreciating Rituals and Festivals from within Buddhist Insider Movements / David S. Lim 9. The Role of Materiality of Ritual in Discipling Thai Converts / Samuel Lim 10. Functional Substitutes for Buddhist Funerals / Alex G. Smith 11. Transforming Mission through String-Tying Ritual / Paul H. de Neui Section 3 Cultural Essentials Reflected in Ritual 12. Telling the Story at the Funeral Ceremony and Answering Frequently Asked Questions / Tongpan Phromedda 13. Full Moon Buddhist Rituals in Sri Lanka : Lessons for Christians / G. P. V. Somaratna 14. To Touch or Not to Touch : The Power of Touch Rituals in Asian Context / Cristian Dumitrescu 15. Wai Khru Ritual in Thai Christian Institutions / Sakunee Kriangchaiporn 16. Cosmology of Shiague and Sungmee and Christian Mission Today / Taeyun (Timothy) Hwang 17. Rituals of Confucian Selfhood : Understanding Chinese Self-Cultivation through a Cup of Tea / Lawrence Ko Paul H. de Neui serves as Professor of Missiology and Intercultural Studies and Director of the Center for World Christian Studies at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago, Illinois. Ritual has a causal impact on people's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, benefitting even those who claim not to believe that rituals work. When it is done effectively, ritual deeply impacts all aspects of human existence sometimes consciously, often non-discursively. Ritual becomes a sacred moment. Believing that there is value in the dialogue, SEANET proudly presents its 15th volume,