Rural Urban Fringe: A Case Study of Patna
Prof. M.M.P. Sinha and Dr. Seema Bala
  • ISBN 13 : 9789383684410
  • year : 2017
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
The town planning programme is followed by fringe development. The fringe is a recording landscape between the urban and rural zones and it is the meeting ground of the reflections of both urbanisation and ruralisation. The time taken by the inhabitants to travel to the city, the urban habits adopted by the fringe dwellers, the facilities of public utility services, the nature and number of commuters, land value, density of population, landuse and cropping practices, transport and communication facilities are the vital factors for fringe development. The rural urban fringe of Patna is emerging under the impact of locational, transportational, recreational, institutional and urban influences in its surrounding area. The cropping pattern is changing in response to the demand from the urban market. Entire study is base on primary data in 2015-16 the great changes are found in all factors. The present data were collected by Dr. Seema Bala. Agricultural land is being converted into residential areas in the inner fringe. Whose some area was covered into towns and new boundaries of inner fringe extended outwards. The land in the part of converted into outwards outer fringe has been changed into multi-crop land from a single crop where vegetables and fruits are cultivated. Considering all these factors, the Patna fringe is divided into zones of potentialities for future development. The economic and social planning of Patna fringe has been suggested for future development even for the southern part which remains waterlogged as of today. Town planners, geographers, economists and sociologists will find this micro study of sustaining interest. Authors visited the new fringe zone and new urban area. Many neigh-bourhood colonies, Appartments, Roads were constructed. Some new maps were added on the bases of recent data and informations.