Romancing Food: From The Diaries of an 86 Year Old Mother
Mrs Annapurna Srivastava
  • ISBN : 9789353479244
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Having gone through various revolutions including political, social, behavioural and cultural, the author has tried to include all her learning while creating these pages. The mother in her holds your hand, while the chef in her ensures you turn out a perfect recipe . The pictures are her very own, of recipes she has presented. The book has been written with a view to sharing some very traditional recipes with home chefs while helping beginners get familiar with the nuances of cooking with confidence. The tips and notes add the precision which cooking requires, and precision is the differentiator. The book transports you to the aroma of roasted spices and the fragrance of steamed basmati rice with the added advantage of cooking easy! The Awadhi touch is prominent in most of her recipes and food is treated with respect and love in true Lucknawi style. Whatever be the cuisine, cooking with love is the magic wand.