Role of Education in Development of Rural Women
Tarun Contractor
  • ISBN : 9788194765691
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Education is the key to women s empowerment. Through it, women have better access and opportunities in the workforce, leading to increased income and less isolation at home or exclusion from financial decisions. With an education, women are able to live their dreams by pursuing their own goals and values. Every child has a right to equal educational opportunities. Women constitute more than 60% of the world s population which ought to place them as pacesetters in education. Sadly, in some countries, girl-child education is neglected due to cultural beliefs. Women are seen as only relevant in the kitchen and for procreation purpose. Studies have found that if every girl completed 12 years of education, child marriage would drop by 64% and health complications from early pregnancy, like early births and child deaths, would drop by 59% and 49%, respectively. Educating women and girls also boosts countries economies, lowers risk of war and extremism, and has been called the best investment against climate change by the Brookings Institution. This important book on importance of Education for women empowerment will be a essential reading for students of social work and professionals of policy making.