River Pollution in India and Its Management
Md. Jafar Imam
  • ISBN : 9789388162456
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Water Pollution Is A Major Environmental Issue In India. The Largest Source Of Water Pollution In India Is Untreated Sewage. Other Sources Of Pollution Include Agricultural Runoff And Unregulated Small Scale Industry. Most Rivers, Lakes And Surface Water In India Are Polluted. The Majority Of The Government-Owned Sewage Treatment Plants Remain Closed Most Of The Time Due To Improper Design Or Poor Maintenance Or Lack Of Reliable Electricity Supply To Operate The Plants, Together With Absentee Employees And Poor Management. The Waste Water Generated In These Areas Normally Percolates Into The Soil Or Evaporates. The Uncollected Waste Accumulates In The Urban Areas Causing Unhygienic Conditions And Releasing Pollutants That Leach Into Surface And Groundwaters. Flooding During Monsoons Worsens India’S Water Pollution Problem, As It Washes And Moves Solid Waste And Contaminated Soils Into Its Rivers And Wetlands. The Annual Average Precipitation In India Is About 4000 Billion Cubic Metres. The Book Presents The Most Important Aspects Of Pollution, Conservation And Management Of Aquatic Environment. This Is A Handbook For Policy Makers And Environmental Managers In Water Authorities And Engineering Companies Engaged In Water Quality Programmes.