Rise of China: A Military Challenge to India
Narender Kumar
  • ISBN : 9789387324596
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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China is on the cusp of becoming a global superpower in the next two decades, if its economic rise continues uninterrupted. However, economic growth has not been able to heal the geographic, demographic and social fault lines within China. China’s neighbourhood is turbulent and has been throwing up new challenges that have the potential to create instability within the region. The maritime conundrum, in spite of the strategy of developing bases in the Indian Ocean Region, will persist and the debt trap policy has exposed the real intent of colonisation through the Maritime Silk Route. The resurgence of a state can be considered holistic, only if the people become partners in governance and share power. With the return of one-man rule, the sharing of power with the people is unlikely to happen any time soon in China. Unresolved border disputes and competing interests between India and China have the potential of developing into a military conflict. Therefore, India should focus on acquiring comprehensive military capabilities, ranging from a dissuasive posture to deterrence, before the capability gap becomes too wide. In the 10 chapters of this book the author has critically analysed the fault lines within China and the trajectory it has followed to achieve the status of a global superpower. It will be a handy reference volume for academicians, policy-makers and military professionals, to understand China’s long term objectives and future course of action that India should adopt for developing its military capabilities. Contents Preface Introduction Chapter 1 Uneasy Path of Emergence of a State Chapter 2 Geography of China: Aspirations to Inspiration Chapter 3 Contemporary China: Challenges Within Chapter 4 Regional and Global Challenges to China Chapter 5 Maritime Conundrum of China: Insecurity to Security Chapter 6 Re-Emergence and Rise of China: An Assessment Chapter 7 Implications of the Rise of China: Is a Sino-India Collision Imminent? Chapter 8 India’s Security Strategy: Dissuasion to Deterrence Chapter 9 India Needs Stable and Balanced Military Capabilities Chapter 10 Concluding Remarks: China will Resist till Accommodated