Restructuring Indian Federation
Edited by Jitendra Sahoo
  • ISBN : 9788186772973
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This edited volume consists of thirty three articles contributed by thirty-eight authors emphasizing on the issues relating to Competitive Federalism in India: A Recent Trend, Restructuring Indian Federation: A Hybrid Political System, Voting Behaviour in Indian Federation, Centre-State Relations: The Theoretical debate, Concept and Practices of Cooperative Federalism in India, Tension Areas of Indian Federalism in Recent time, Administrative and Financial Reforms and its Impact on Indian Federation, Role of Judiciary in Restructuring the Indian Federation, Local Self Government in the Context of Emerging Trends of Indian Federation, Women Empowerment, Democracy and Indian Federation, Major Policies: Education, Health, Environment, Make in India, Digital India in the Context of Emerging trends of Indian Federation, Central sponsored schemes: Its Implications and significance on Indian federation, Participatory E-Governance and its impact on Indian Federation, Non-Governmental organizations in Indian Federation, Re-look on Feminism: A Study on Indian Federation, Women Participation, The New Challenge and Prospect of the Village Parliament in Our Federal Structure, Federalism, Institutionalization and Breakdown in Modernization etc.