Remote Sensing Applications in Geosciences
Dr Sanjay Kumar
  • ISBN 13 : 9789391096656
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
Remote sensing is becoming an important and useful tool in mapping large, remote areas and has many applications in geosciences such as geologic and geo-structural mapping, mineral and water exploration, hydrocarbon exploration, natural hazards analysis, and geomorphology. The recent advances in remote sensing imaging acquisition and availability of images can help geoscientists to explore and prepare maps quickly and evaluate the geo-potential of any specific area on the globe. Advances in remote sensing data analysis techniques have improved the capacity to map the geological structures and regional characteristics and can serve in mineral exploration in complex and poorly understood regions. In this book, geophysical remotely sensed data (airborne geophysics) are integrated with other sources of remotely sensed data to analyze three separate areas, one each for geological structure, lineament presence and orientation, and geothermal potential. Three case studies are discussed in this book from three countries- Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, and Algeria - to show the effectiveness of remote sensing in mapping and detecting geo-structural, geo-morphological, and geothermal characteristics of ground surface.