Reiki the Legacy of Dr. Usui Paperback
Frank Arjava Petter
  • ISBN : 9788178220741
  • year : 2009
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Reiki has developed into a spiritual healing method that is well known and highly valued througout the world inseparably connected with its founder Mikao Usui. Tradition and myth have combined into the story of Dr. Usui's life and many questions about it have remained open. Reiki Master Frank Arjava Petter, who lives in Japan, has now discovered documents that reproduce Dr. Usui's original words. Questions that Dr. Usui answered provide information about his own very personal view of the teaching and are supplemented by materials used as the basis for his student's studies. In addition, Frank A. Petter includes insights on various topics and themes from the perspective of an independent Reiki Master.