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Recent Trends in Biodiversity Conservation and Bio-resource Utilisation

Recent Trends in Biodiversity Conservation and Bio-resource Utilisation

Author:Anupam Guha and Debashish Sen
ISBN 13:9789388879279
Subject:Botanical Science/Biodiversity

About the Book

The book inspires the scientific spirit to promote biological science research in various arenas. The pace at which the globe is losing biological resources very rapidly makes it imperative to take stock of the situation from time to time and develop suitable strategy for conserving biodiversity through genes and gene pools. The content of the book encompasses major areas of research like plant systematic, diversity, ethano-botanical knowledge, Biodiversity conservation (In & Ex-situ), cytogenetics, phytoremediation, nutrient stock estimation, bio-pesticides, belowground biodiversity etc. We hope that the contents will be useful to post graduate students, researchers, teachers and the scientific community working in related fields. We also believe that the book will add value to the wide range of curriculum like - Ecology, Natural Resource Management, Cell Biology, Microbiology, Plant Pathology, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. • Bio-diversity and Systematics • Bio-resource management • Cytogenetics and Biotechnology 8• Microbiology and Bio-informatics