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Recent Researches  in  Epigraphy and Numismatics

Recent Researches in Epigraphy and Numismatics

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Author:Edited by Mahesh Kalra and Suraj A Pandit
ISBN 13:9788174792181
Subject:Art and Archaeology/Numismatic

About the Book

The book is born out of the Proceedings of Nat Num Conf’ 2016 held on 24 and 25 December 2016 at Sathaye College, Mumbai by Centre for History Archaeology Epigraphy & Numismatics (CHAEN) in association with the Ancient Indian Culture Department, Sathaye College. The book represents some of the latest research in the fields of Indian Numismatics and Epigraphy with papers by young and upcoming scholars from both the fields. Nat Num Conf’ 2016 was held on 24 and 25 December in memory of Dr. Parmeshwari Lal Gupta (1914-2001), the doyen of Indian Numismatics whose birth anniversary on 24 December became a cohesive force in holding the Conference for showcasing latest research in Indian Numismatics and Epigraphy. Thus, the organizers found support from various quarters for organizing the conference and a total of 35 Papers were presented under 4 sections of Ancient, Medieval and Modern Numismatics along with Epigraphy. Out of these, 21 papers and 2 presidential addresses have been incorporated in this volume. Contents: Preface List of Contributors Presidential Address - Dr. Sanjay Garg Section - I : Ancient Indian Numismatic 1. Late Imperial PMC Coin hoards from Bengal: An analytical study - Sandip Pan 2. The Elephant and Hill Uninscribed Cast Copper Coins and their presence in the late 5th – 4th c BCE - Dr. Kurush F. Dalal 3. WimaKadphises Gold Coinage: Reformation of Coinages in Ancient India from Silver to Gold - Venkitachalam Iyer 4. The Disappearance of Tusker Elephants on Coinageof Later Satavahana Kings: Visible signs of Polarity amongst motifs in Coinage - Chaitanya Bhide 5. Water Crafts on Coins, Seals and Sealings - Sreemanti Laha & Suvasree Chatterjee 6. Dinaras in Early Bengal: Circulation and Beyond - Soumya Ghosh Section - II : Medieval Indian Numismatics 7. Revisiting the Repousse Minting Technique - Abhick Sarkar 8. Working Theory on Metrology of Ancient and Medieval Indian Coins: An Introduction - Mukesh Sharma 9. A New Classification of Mughal Mints with special reference to Mughal Deccan - Dr. Mahesh A. Kalra 10. Portugal Honours Garcia Da Orta: The First Landlord of Bombay (Mumbai) with a Coin Issue - Adv. Ashok Shahani Section - III : Modern Numismatics 11. The Relevance of Mahatma Gandhi as a Numismatic and Philatelic Icon in the Twenty First Century - Dr. Mahesh A Kalra 12. India Post: Themes & Biases in Commemorative Stamps Issued From 1995-2015 - Raamesh Gowri Raghavan Section - IV : Epigraphy President's Address - Marathi Epigraphic Records: A Rich Source of Regional History - Dr. Anuradha K Ranade 13. A Medieval Memorial Stone at Wagholi, District Pune - A Study - Dr. Manjiri Bhalerao 14. Raigad Plates of Vijayâditya: A Reappraisal - Dr. Ambarish Khare 15. Architecture of a cave at Karle in the light of its Donative Inscription - Anand Kanitkar 16. Devnagari Inscription from Mandapeshvar Cave - Shamika Sarvankar 17. The Sohgaura Bronze Plaque Inscription: ACritical Appraisal - Soumya Ghosh 18. Padan Inscriptions: Some New Observations - Dr. Suraj A. Pandit & Dr. Prachi Moghe 19. Numismatic Gleanings from the Corpus of Ass-curse Steles - Harshada Wirkud ‘ 20. Epigraphs at Raigad Fort: The exceptional ones..! - Dr. Milind Paradkar About the Editors: Dr. Mahesh A. Kalra is a numismatic researcher of international repute. He has been actively involved with various national and international Museums and research bodies for research on Indian Numismatics. He is currently Convenor, Centre for History Archaeology Epigraphy and Numismatics (CHAEN). He is also the Director, Centre for Numismatic Information and Studies (CENNUMIS) and Regional Secretary, Oriental Numismatic Society, U. K. for South Asia. Dr. Suraj A. Pandit is a trend archaeologist and who has worked in the fields of Buddhist Archaeology, Urban Archaeology and Epigraphy. He is presently Head of the Department of Ancient Indian Culture and the Department of Buddhist Studies at Sathaye College, Mumbai. His specialization is ‘Western Indian Rock-Cut Architecture’. He is known for his research on Kanheri Caves. He has completed several research projects and also work as a consultant for Heritage Conservation projects.Culture and Archaeology, Visva-Bharati.