Recent Developments in Mangrove Research
Abhijit Mitra, Kakoli Banerjee and Tanmay Ray Chaudhuri
  • ISBN : 9788170750932
  • year : 2017
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The importance of mangrove forest came to limelight after the tsunami on the fateful morning of 26th December, 2004. In recent times, another coloured feather has been added on the crown of forest is the phenomenon of carbon sequestration. In this context, it is important to quantify the stored carbon in different floral species of the forest to justify their conservation. This book is a humble attempt to quantify the pools of carbon in dominant mangrove species inhabiting Indian Sundarbans, which is one of the most biologically productive and taxonomically diverse ecosystems of the tropics. The logic behind selecting such topic is undoubtedly the phenomenon of climate change, which is the bitter truth of the present era with an inevitable adverse impact on the future world. In addition to this, the present book covers the cutting edge research articles on mangroves, which are based on the ground level information and documentations collected by our dedicated team of ecologists. Written in a very simple language with logic behind every discussions, we hope that the readers will certainly follow the track of caring climate, environment and people with the tunes of conservation and sustainability. The book will also act as the ready reference for knowing more about mangrove forests and climate change and a chapter on bibliography (Chapter 9) is totally devoted for this purpose. The authors acknowledge the support of the project "Vulnerability Assessment and development of adaptation strategies for Climate Change impacts with special reference to coasts and island ecosystems of India (VACCIN)" for undertaking the field works in the remote islands of Indian Sundarbans.