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Rabindranritya: The Dance Idiom created by Tagore

Rabindranritya: The Dance Idiom created by Tagore

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Author:Sruti Bandopadhay
ISBN 13:9788182904248
Subject:Performing Arts/Dance

About the Book

A poet, a playwright, a painter, a lyricist, a novelist - a man of letters, Rabindranath Tagore also made a revolution in the dance scenario of Bengal as well as in India. He was a great personality, who experimented with most of the art forms. Rabindranath was a philosopher and commentator of his own works. Whenever he dealt with any art form he was not only working with those practically, but also was speaking, writing, criticizing and analyzing on these in his own way. In furtherance of which, new styles, forms and even idioms emerged. He was an admirer of Indian classical dances. In his understanding, he realized the barriers in those. He tried to break the boundaries and come out with a new dance idiom retaining the Indianness' in it. Like his song tradition, the Rabindrasangit, his dance form has become popularly accepted as the Rabin dramitya after his demise. Bengal, Tripura and Bangladesh are the three strong bases where Rabindrantioa is a much coveted dance practice. Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata and Visva Bharati, Santiniketan are offering and teaching graduate, post graduate, MPhil and PhD degrees on Rabindranrioa. Many autonomous bodies dedicated to disseminate Indian Culture have Rabindranrioa as a subject for Diploma and Certificate courses as well. Now Rabindranrioa is not confined within its base, but has gradually spread breaking the geographical boundary. After more than 90 years of practice, a comprehensive book on Rabindranritya is yet to be seen. This book by Sruti Bandopadhay is the result of extensive research and documentation on history, presentation and practice with critical analysis of the dance idiom