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Quantitative Geomorpholgy of the Raru Basin of Jharkhand

Quantitative Geomorpholgy of the Raru Basin of Jharkhand

Author:Dr Mona Kumari
ISBN 13:9789391139315

About the Book

The need for the study of modern and quantitative geomorphology has become very necessary now-a-days for the present day human society as this subject makes it possible to measure and establish the geomorphic processes and laws with greater precision and accuracy. In fact, quantitative methods have become a common tendency in all scientific subjects. Since the early fifties geomorphology has been processing towards a more scientific foundation through its concern with measurement and scientific analysis of data and the adoption of statical analysis as a means of testing hypotheses. On the whole an attempt has been made here to strike between structural and fluvial geomorphology. This work is a humble and modest attempt to make accessible to students the latest available work in the field of geomorphology. It is hoped that this book may be caterer to the needs of Honours and Post-graduate students of geography. This book has been structured into seven chapters excluding Introduction and conclusion chapters and bibliography covering a wide range of fluvial, structural and applied branches of geomorphology. This book includes an account of geomorphic processes and their analysis as well as a morphometric analysis. A detailed study of drainage, slopes, etc. adopting scientific analysis has been dealt with this book. The evolution of the study region, gully erosion and its impacts and geomorphic regions of the area all have been discussed here in detail. It is hoped that this book consists extremely valuable work for geographers, geomorphologists, economists, regional planners, geologists and administrators. It will also be benefitted to the researchers in various allied disciplines. About the Author: The writer of this book entitled "Quantitative Geomorphology of the Raru Basin of Jharkhand" is Dr. Mona Kumari. She was born on the 16th September, 1993 at Village-Banta, P.S. Silli, District Ranchi, Jharkhand. She passed her Matriculation Examination from Radha Govind Public School, Ramgarh Cantt, Hazaribagh, Jharkhand in 2008 in first division. She passed I.Sc. in the year 2010 and B. A. (Geography Honours) in first class in the year 2013 and M.A. Examination (Geography) also in first class obtaining distinction marks and awarded with gold medal from St. Xavier's College, Ranchi, Jharkhand, in the year 2015 from Ranchi University, Ranchi, Jharkhand. Her findings on the Raru Basin are a valuable contribution to the geomorphology of India and abroad. She has presented a number of research papers in various geographical seminars and about a dozen research articles has been published in national and international journals which are mostly discussed on geomorphology. The topic of her Doctoral Thesis is "Geomorphology of the Raru Basin of Jharkhand". Her specialization is on geomorphology and quantitative geography. Her studies on various branches of geomorphology are running at present particularly examples cited from Chotanagpur Highlands and its adjoining regions which will be helpful to the researchers of different disciplines too.