Quality and Research in Higher Education
Edited by Dr Gedam Kamalakar
  • ISBN : 9789353242305
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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For strengthening of research culture in Indian higher education requires multipronged activities beginning with a bottom-up than a top-down, “one-size fits- all” approach to introduce a culture of research which is anchored in robust classroom pedagogy and curricula designed to arouse intellectual curiosity and its appropriate channelization and imparting of research tools and techniques to ensure quality and to ensure interaction with colleges and universities/national institutions by sharing resources, equipment and laboratory facilities and Exchange of faculty across these institutions. Higher education sector has in recent years been attracting increasing attention, largely due to its contribution to improving productivity, increasing economic growth, and enhancing innovation and technological capability. The evolution of economic purposes of higher education has been the single most important development in the education sector in the 21st century, and it resulted in enormous expansion of higher education in countries around the world, including India. The debates over equity and quality access, social and economic mobility, curriculum and courses, innovation and competitiveness will be immensely useful for policymakers, academic community and the public because it provides an overview of the complexity of the academic system and critically analyses the problems faced by higher education in India. This book would help scholars and policy makers to create a new vision for the Indian higher education under the changed ground realities.