Naresh Chandra Ghose
  • ISBN : 9788192072456
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
$ 274.00
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Publication of the title of the unfamiliar subject as that of the book “Pyroclastic Rocks of India in Space & Time – N.C. Ghose” brings genuine curiosity to knowledgeable readers. The octogenarian author of world-renown (See last page of the attached brochure) has ably attempted a systematic study of these rocks from eleven provinces in India of different tectonic settings, ranging in age from Archean to Recent, and has focused on the volcanic ash particulates, using simple petrological microscope. With over 400 coloured illustrations on art paper, the book, among other things, provides glimpses of the whole gamut of features & information, relating to the development of volcanoes. The book is the most extensive in the subject with an introductory text on Igneous Petrology. The book deals pyroclastic rocks from eleven volcanic provinces ranging in age from the Archean (EDC) to the Recent eruptions of Andaman in India, comprising different tectonic settings with profuse selection of coloured illustrations, first time in science. Printed in B-4 size, glossy-art paper, 4-colored 410-pages of the book have been compiled to create self interpretation of the relationship between the textures and minerals of rocks formed at different physico-chemical P-T-H2O conditions. Written in simple English language, it is aimed to serve the graduate, post-graduate students, scholars, professionals and prospectors.