Principles and Practices of Seed Production of Vegetable Crops
Shankar Lal et al
  • ISBN : 9788170196167
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The book” Primciples and practices of Seed Production of vegetable crops”, is a hard work of Senior Author, Dr. Shankar Lal and his associates. This document deals with eleven major chapters on general aspects , their development and categories, promotion of vegetable seed industries in the country. The detailed guidelines have been given for seed production and certification of various categories of seeds. The detailed information on 44 vegetables ( 3 solanaceous, 13 cucurbitaceous, 3 cole crops,, 4 root crops, 2 bulb crops, 6 legumes, 1 capsule,, 6 leafy crops,, 2 tuber crops, 3 rhizomes and corms and 1 salad crop) has been provided. For making informative, it has included 117 photographs, and 81 tables, mostly on improved varieties and hybrids. It has also provided list of vegetable Seed Certification Agencies, Seed Corporations and 25 top seed producing companies in the country. The special chapters on role of hybrids on vegetable production, Indian vegetable seed production- status and perspectives and intellectual property right. Have also been provided. The book will be quite useful to students, teachers, researchers and extension workers. This will be useful guide to seed growers and seed industries in promoting their business through quaility seed