D Elumalai, C Mohan, B Poovizhiraja and R Ramamoorthy
  • ISBN : 9789390212828
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: 1.Benefits and peculiarities of bee keeping 2.History and development of honey bee in India 3.Distinguishing features of hive bees 4.Wild bees and honey hunting 5.Sex and caste determination in honey bees 6.Reproduction in honey bees 7.Social organization of honey bee colonies 8.Communication in honey bees 9.Foraging ecology of honey bees 10.Frame hive bee keeping 11.Beginning of bee keeping 12.Principles of uniting, shifting, dividing, equalizing and Supering 13.Causes and control of swarming 14.Causes and control of honey bee absconding and robbing 15.Colony management for honey production 16.Colony management for crop pollination 17.Migratory beekeeping 18.Mass queen bee rearing techniques 19.Management of bee enemies 20.Bee diseases and their management 21.Protection of bee colonies from pesticide 22.Honey - types, composition, properties and uses 23.Quality standard of honey and detection of adulteration 24.Honey marketing – Potentials for export 25.Production, properties of bees wax and it’s uses 26.Properties and uses of bee pollen, venom propolis and royal jelly 27.Value added products from beekeeping 28.Beekeeping for improving the productivity of field crops 29.Bee keeping for improving the production of horticulture crops 30.Bees and trees 31.Bee keeping –an ideal component of ifs and organic farming 32.Bee keeping for rural development 33.Meliponiculture 34.Role of stingless bees for crop pollination