Practical Manual on Agrometeorology
V. Radha Krishna Murthy
  • ISBN : 9789352301546
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Contents: 1. Establishment of a Standard Agricultural Meteorological Observatory. 2. Solar Radiation. 3. Temperature. 4. Rainfall. 5. Humidity. 6. Pressure and Wind. 7. Evapotranspiration. 8. Weather Health Indices. All the activities of agriculture, from pre-sowing to post-harvest are affected by weather. As such, behavior of weather has significant influence on economy of any Nation. If weather could be predicted sufficiently in advance the farmers can take corrective measures to minimize losses in agricultural production. One of the methods used to improve farm production is by making adjustments with prevailing climate, to make the best possible use of it. This can be done by understanding prevailing agroclimatic conditions. Agroclimates, properly understood, and scientifically integrated into agroclimatic regions, can serve as valuable tools for harnessing climate potentials of the areas for crop production. It is not possible to train all the persons in the field of practical agrometeorology. In order to avoid consequent adverse effect on the operational use of agrometeorological works a felt need exist for an operational guide providing all required information. Therefore, this book has been written. This book will be helpful to manage the works like taking agrometeorological observations, maintenance of the observatory and other equipment, compilation and transmission of observations, reception of weather forecasts, preparation of advisories and their dissemination, collection of feedback from farmers and their analysis etc. This operational guide will meet the requirements of the scientific and technical personnel associated with the agrometeorological advisory system, particularly those at field level.